jack cubKenan Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Biochemistry



I was brought up in Alaska and obtained by B.A degree at Occidental college in physics and a Ph.D at Caltech. I did postdoctoral work with Arthur Kornberg before moving to UNC in 1978. Our laboratory continues to focus on DNA-protein interactions combining EM, biochemistry, genetics, and modern molecular approaches. Our projects are described in more detail in the “research opportunities” page. My students and fellows have been very successful in their careers in academia and industry. My ideal graduate student finishes in 4.5 years with 6-8 papers and goes on to a strong laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow. We have had numerous students meet or exceed this standard.

We all greatly enjoy the laboratory environment and living in Chapel Hill. I myself fly airplanes, restore old cars (Jaguars and Ferrari’s) and ride horses. I have switched from dressage riding to western riding. My wife and I live on a “farmette” and have 4 horses. She is a faculty member at Meredith college in piano and her web page is (karenallredpiano.com). We hold monthly concerts at our home.